Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ohio Travels (Cleveland & Columbus)

I have a love/hate relationship with Ohio.  Mostly Northeast Ohio.

I love this place because this is where I was when I first decided to dabble in these little adventures. 

I hate this place because of all the freaking crazy weather!!!  80 one day and 40 the next?  I had on shorts the other day and if your weatherman is accurate I'll need to break out the Northface and Uggs tomorrow!!!!!  wtf guys!  ;)

But I'm here.  And I'll probably be here at least a couple days a month over the next couple months - family stuff I won't bore you with.

Those that know me know that I break every rule that I try to make so let's talk in terms of general guidelines ;)

I'll be available to host in Cleveland but I'll need a bit of a heads up.  Preferably 24 hours but I get that sometimes 24 hours planning sucks.  Shoot me an email and we'll figure it out.

I'll be available to travel to you in both Cleveland and Columbus typically with several hour notice.  However I will request that if you would like me to meet you in Columbus that you make our adventure a minimum of two hours.

I am super excite about being able to see all of my old Ohio friends and always up for making a couple new ones ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sorta Like A Man

I've had the same conversation with a lot of the friends I've made...

"well lizzie what made you get into this"

I spend a few minutes pouring my heart out and then we giggle about how my reasons for being involved in this little song and dance are more aligned with the men suitors than the female entertainers.

And so like so many of the awesome gentleman that I've had the opportunity to meet I participate in our fun for reasons of fantasy.  To allow myself to be someone that I'm not.  Or maybe to allow myself to be who I really am...

Sometimes we want to play, we want to have a very naughty adventure in a private hotel room late at night with a perfect stranger.  And sometimes we just want a nightcap and a good pillow.

I do apologize to those of you that have emailed and received no response.  I hope you'll reach out to me again.

I hope you respect that I come out to play when the spirit moves me.  I always want to have mind blowing experiences.  I want you to not be able to think straight when we part.  I hope you don't think less of me that I, much like you, need to have the right psyche to give you (and me) what we want.