Friday, December 27, 2013

How Easy It Is To "Fake" Text Messages...

It's come to my attention that there are screen shots of text messages that I have supposedly sent.

I just wanted to demonstrate how simple it is to "fake" text messages as demonstrated below.  Now if anyone thinks that President Obama is actually responding to my personal text messages when I text the public number for the White House than I have an igloo in Miami I would like to sell you ;-)

Since When Did It Become Okay To Blame The Victim...

The Backstory:

On December 23rd I agreed to meet with a new friend at my hotel in Crystal City.  He was a younger (under 30) Asian man who appeared to be well-educated, well-spoken, respectful and fun.  He provided references from well respected entertainers.  We had had discussions of meeting for an hour, 90 minutes and two hours.  We agreed to meet at 8:30pm for a 90 minute engagement.  At 8:19pm he sent me a text saying that he had left something important at home that he needed for after our visit and would I mind if he turned around to get it.  I said of course, didn't mind at all and that I would see him soon.  At 9:10pm he arrived at my hotel.  When we were face to face we decided to just visit for an hour since we both had plans for after our play-date and he was 40 minutes late.  He placed a bank envelope on the hotel desk and proceeded into the restroom.  I took a peek in the envelope and placed it back on the desk.  After about an hour he asked if we could extend to the original 90 minute visit we had first talked about.  I said sure and he stood up and went to the desk (I assumed it was too add additional funding to the envelope) while I went to the restroom to freshen up.  The rest of our visit was fun, respectful and we parted ways with smiles on our faces.  I went to the desk to count out the envelope and there was nothing.  Absolutely nothing in the envelope.  I was shocked, hurt and felt majorly taken advantage of.  I do this for fun and nothing quite like that has ever happened to me.

The following morning I posted essentially the same thing as the paragraph above on the Washington DC discussion board on  I never put any sort of public information (his name, age, etc) or hobby information (references, usernames, phone number, etc) in the post.  I followed the responses a bit but it was Christmas Eve and I was at home with family and wrapped up in the festivities.  I wasn't able to follow the whole string of responses but from what I did see the guy in question (with no review history I may add) responded with a whole slew of lies about the events that transpired.  A TER alias made public on the board what University I attend.  Another TER alias claimed that after he met me in NYC a few weeks ago he was robbed (by a big black guy of course) upon leaving my hotel.  Oh by the way, my hotel was a 4 star hotel on 7th ave in the low 50's.  Not exactly the sort of place white men are being shook up and robbed by big black guys but whatever.  I did see a few of you who I have come to consider my friends stand up for me.  I greatly appreciate that you did that for me.

He has sent me threatening text messages: "Remove that TER post...I don't want to create drama but you know the consequences of that." and "I'm posting my story right now." 

He is back channeling personal information about me.  The university I go to, the car I drive, identifying marks (scars) on my body, etc.

He has apparently fabricated the events so badly that Gina from P411 had permanently revoked my account without any sort of explanation or allowing me the opportunity to respond.

This has become a big mess that's really hurting me all because I was robbed, essentially one could even consider what happened rape, and I attempted to publicly protect other women from this guy.  And everyone from the Mods at TER to Gina at P411 seem to be siding with this asshole!!!! 

The Future:

I hope that those of you who have sent me emails over the past few days can appreciate why I haven't responded back to you yet.  I promise to reach out to each of you today.  I cannot explain how good it felt when I saw the TER messages and emails and texts of support from those of you who know me and even from some of you that don't know me (yet) ;-) 

I really liked how I was going about this, in my only little way, with my own set of rules.  I liked that this seemed more personal, more fun and less business like.  I hope it felt that way for you too.  It's become pretty apparent to me that when shit does hit the fan none of the real "powers that be" that are supposed to be supporting an ethical and safe place for us to play seem to really care about the true account of events. 

From now on, please expect us to have a real conversation about financial contributions prior to us getting together.  Please respect me enough to leave your gift in plain sight very soon after we meet.  Please pretend to not pay attention to me while I look in the envelope or greeting card.  Please go to the restroom so I can place my gift someplace that I feel is safe.  Please respect me enough to understand that I feel so crass typing this and I can't imagine how awkward I'm going to feel actually doing this for the first time. 

On A Lighter Note:

This year hasn't been all bad!  I have discovered something that I freaking love ;-)  And I wouldn't have been able to do this if it wasn't for you.  2013 has been an absolutely awesome year & I know that we're only going to make 2014 even better!!!  Cheers!